September 4th, 2017


The second catamaran swim!

26.08.17 | It’s finally Sunday!

We continued our exciting journey on the mirror surface of the Seversky Donets.

Having mastered the skill of controlling the catamaran, this time we sailed from the village of Kochetok all the way to Chuguev.

The day was very pleasant, the water was refreshing. Everyone was enjoying the freshness of nature after some hot weeks in Kharkiv.

Before lunch we decided to take a short break and docked to the shore. We discovered a small birch grove there, hiding behind a dense thicket of bushes. It was a pleasantly surprising discovery. It that cozy place we had a snack of fruit.

The Donets water was very nice too – so fresh and invigorating. We did not want to get out of it! So we had a long swim before the end of the season. ☺

To restore our strength before the oncoming road, we chose a cozy clearing where the guys collected firewood and made a fire. We cooked some amazing bulgur with bacon, joking and laughing as we did it.

During the second part of our trip on the catamaran we felt light and at ease, singing songs and absorbing the beauty and incredible atmosphere of the evening.

Everyone was filled with positive emotion and we couldn’t wait to choose another route and sail again!

(Russian translation is below)

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